2019-2020 School Year Rates


Monthly Tuition Schedule

AM (6:30-7:55) PM (2:25-6:00) AM+PM
Five Days per Week $170 $455 $575
Four Days per Week $144 $394 $508
Three Days per Week $119 $329 $418
Two Days per Week $88 $244 $306
One Day per Week $51 $135 $167
  • Multi -child discount: Minus 10% of tuition fees for additionally enrolled child
  • Parents are responsible for entrance fees for field trips and they are billed on the invoice for the month following the trip
  • June and December will be the only months prorated

Charges for early dismissals & No School Days/Operating Holidays

  • 1:10 PM early dismissal: $5
  • 1:25 early dismissal: No charge
  • No school day/operating holiday: $35 for children already enrolled for that weekday
  • No school day/operating holiday: $60 for children NOT enrolled for that weekday

Drop-In Care

Drop-in care is available provided there is space available and GLSA has current registration information on file for your child.

Drop-In and Extra Session Rates for the School Year Program

  • A.M. extra session/drop-in : $20
  • M, T, Th, F P.M. extra session/drop-in : $35
  • Wednesday PM extra session/ drop-in: $40

Tuition Subsidy

GLSA accepts tuition subsidy from the following:

  • DSHS
  • City of Seattle
  • University of Washington (when offered to employees)
  • Limited GLSA Scholarships for low-income families