School Year Rates

2024-2025 School Year


Morning Care:

Monday-Friday 6:30AM-8:50AM

GLSA teachers will walk GLES students across the street and ensure they get to school on time.

Afternoon Care:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3:30PM-6:00PM
Wednesday 2:10PM-6:00PM

GLSA teachers will pick up GLES students on the playground at the new bell time, and Cascadia students at the GLES bus stop, so long as SPS runs the same bus route.

Monthly Tuition Fees

























10% tuition discount for siblings during school year 

June & December are the only months that may be prorated

Charges for Early Dismissals & GLSA Full Days No School Days

  • 1:25 PM early dismissal Wednesdays: $5 per Wednesday (not GLES)
  • No School day/ Operating Holiday: $50 for children already enrolled on that weekday
  • No school day/ Operating Holiday: $100 for children NOT enrolled for that weekday

Drop-in Care

M, T, Th, F PM Drop-in: $50 already enrolled, $100 not already enrolled (when available)
Wednesday PM Drop-in: $55 (not GLES)

Tuition Subsidy

GLSA accepts tuition subsidy from the following:

  • DSHS
  • DCYF
  • Child Care Aware
  • City of Seattle
  • University of Washington (when offered to employees)
  • Limited GLSA Scholarships (when requested, subject to availability)

Making Changes to Your Schedule

GLSA requires 30 days’ notice via email to change monthly schedules. Your enrolled days are not transferrable to other days or programs. You are responsible for full payment whether or not your child attends on enrolled days. Please do not consider yourself dropped until you receive a confirmation email.  Due to our waitlist, it may not be possible to re-enroll.