Frequently Asked Questions

What is your snow day policy?

If there is inclement weather we will email families. Please contact GLSA at 206-525-5909 or 206-940-6500 to see if we will be open before coming to the center.

If the Seattle Public Schools are closed, GLSA is closed. If the School opens late, GLSA will be closed for the morning program and open for the afternoon program. If the school closes during the day, GLSA will not open for afternoon care.  If there is inclement weather on full days when the school is closed and GLSA is open the director will make the call as to whether GLSA will be open based on how many staff could safely get to GLSA in the morning for their shifts.

To get school closure status please check your local news for information. Also, you can call GLSA. We will leave a status report on our voicemail message as soon as possible.

What is our ratio of staff to children at GLSA?

GLSA has a 1 to 10 (or better) staff to child ratio.

Is GLSA open for early dismissals, no-school (in service) days and holidays?

YES! Please check the GLSA calendar for a detailed list of important dates.

Does GLSA provide transportation to or from school?

No, GLSA does not provide transportation. Children from schools other than Green Lake Elementary school, which is located across the street from our building, use the Seattle public school bus system.

How can I find out if my child can be bused to GLSA from their school?

To find out if your child can be bused to GLSA call the Seattle Public Schools transportation department at (206) 252-0900.

Do we take children on a drop-in basis? What is the rate?

GLSA takes children on a drop-in basis as long as we have current registration information and there is space available in the program. Parents must confirm with GLSA in advance. Please see the Rates Page for drop-in rates.

Does GLSA have hourly rates?

GLSA does not have an hourly rate. Please see our rates page for more information.

From what sources does GLSA accept subsidy contributions?

GLSA accepts most subsidies, federal, state, and city. GLSA also has limited scholarships available.

How do I contact DSHS or the City of Seattle to find out if I am eligible to receive a childcare cost subsidy?

To find out if you are eligible for DSHS child care subsidy please call 1-877-501-2233 or see their website at If you would like to contact the City of Seattle you can reach them at (206) 386-1050. 

Does GLSA accommodate children with special needs?

Yes, GLSA will adapt the space and activities so that all children can participate fully.

Does GLSA provide snacks in the morning and/or afternoon programs?

Yes, GLSA provides a varying menu of nutritious breakfasts for those children who arrive by 8:00am. We also provide healthy snacks that include fresh fruits and vegetables every day in the afternoon.

Does GLSA provide lunch on full days or during the summer program?

No, parents will need to send their child with a nutritious, peanut-free, no-cook sack lunch on full days at GLSA.