Our Program

When I think of GLSA I think fun.

- Afsara, age 10

Our History

GLSA was established in 1989 by a group of Green Lake Elementary school parents, teachers, and members of Green lake United Methodist Church (GLUMC) as part of the outreach of the church in response to a need for quality child care which children could easily and safely access from school. GLSA is a nonprofit organization administered by an Executive Director and a voluntary board which includes parents of the children in our care, members of GLUMC and members of the community.  No religious teaching or symbolism is used in our program.

Our Space

We are located in the large, stone, turreted Green Lake United Methodist church on the corner of 1st and 65th NE, across the street from Green Lake Elementary School. GLSA enjoys a very large space in the lower level of the church that provides ample room for three classrooms, a snack area and an open space for gross motor movement activities we call the "bigroom".

Our Schedule

GLSA has a structured schedule within which children can choose how they would like to spend their time. When school is in session, the afternoon program begins at 2:25 (M, T, Th, F) or 1:10 (W) when we pick up the children from school. We spend fifty minutes outside before coming in and having snack. At that time children can have a snack or choose an activity in one of our three classrooms. Each class room will have different teacher lead activities until cleanup time just before five o'clock. From five until five thirty the children have quiet homework time during which they can receive help from a teacher or work independently. Between five thirty and six we have what is called 'big-room time' which gives the children one more chance to run around and get some exercise before we close at six o'clock.

Our Commitment to a Safe and Loving Community

GLSA is committed to serving a diverse population of children and families.   We value the diversity of our families' cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and strive to create a program that challenges bias and honors all families' beliefs and practices.  We will adapt our space so that all children can participate fully.  GLSA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or economic background.