Summer Day Camp 2020


Welcome!  GLSA’s summer camp registration starts on Thursday, January 30th.

Green Lake School Age Care Program (GLSA) runs a full day (7:00am-6:00am) summer camp.  We have a super fun camp scheduled with a great line up of Wednesday field trips!  See below in the 2020 summer plans & Rates PDF for details.

Each week of our summer program has a theme around which we plan our activities.  The types of activities we offer in the summer include optional swimming at Evan’s pool on Mondays and Fridays (for children six years old and at least four feet tall), Wednesday field trips, arts & crafts, sports, games, music, drama, STEM learning and literacy, cooking, activities to promote community engagement, at least three hours of outdoor play and most importantly the opportunity to play, learn and make friends with the support of a team of caring adults.

Questions?  Our office can be reached at (206)525-5909 or email us at  We look forward to seeing you next summer!

Registration Instructions

  1. Download the  New Student Registration Packet (pdf) or  Returning Student Registration Packet (pdf)
  2. Download the 2020 summer plans & Rates (pdf)
  3. Download the registration packet to indicate the days for which you would like to sign up.   2020 Summer Camp Registration & Dates of Attendance  (pdf)
  4. Download the Certificate of Immunization status  (pdf)
  5. For new students only, write a check for $35 to “Green Lake School-Age Care Program” ($35 is a one time, non-refundable registration fee).
  6. Complete the registration packet for your new or returning student, summer registration program packet, and immunization certificate and mail to the address below or feel free to scan and email it to
    Green Lake School-Age Care Program
    6415 1st Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Please note that we cannot process your summer registration packet without a new or returning student packet.

Please contact us if you have any questions.